Golf Ball Boxes

Golf Ball Boxes

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These boxes can be used for so much more than just Golf Balls. Shipped assembled and glued, they are ready to use right away.


From cosmetic products like perfume, facial serum, or foundation, to craft products like glue or paint, the possibilities are endless. Available in one standard size, these boxes come fully customizable with ink, coating, and paper options that you may have seen on some of your everyday products. Suitable for any user, their assembly is not only easy, but quick as well. With a sturdy base and walls, you can be sure they’ll always look and feel professional.

Whether you want to dazzle your customers with 5/0 metallic printing, stand out with spot UV coating, or impress with high end paper, we can bring your packaging dreams to life. Between your artwork and a wide variety of available options, your packaging is sure to reflect your brand identity. White 14 pt. uncoated paper brings a soft, vintage feel to your product. Other uncoated options such as different colours or a specific brand are available though Custom Estimates.

Perfect for charity tournaments and other promotional giveaways, these boxes are primarily sized to fit three golf balls. However, golf ball boxes can also be used for retail items such as stationary, small electronics, cosmetics, candy, golf gloves, and much more.

Rectangle Tube Boxes

Paper: 16 pt. SBS

Format: 1.75 x 1.75 x 5 inch

Enclosure: Tuck In Flap Top and Bottom Reverse

Ink: Colour Front Side Only

Coating: No Lamination